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Re: Please Use the Mirrors!

On Friday 07 May 2004 2:05 pm, David Rees wrote:
> Gary Stainburn wrote, On 5/7/2004 2:33 AM:
> If the goal is to save bandwidth, installing a local caching proxy like
> squid is a good idea, just make sure that you set the maximum file size
> to something large enough to cover the biggest RPM in the repository.
> Typically machines will do a number of things in day-to-day operation,
> check for the latest headers, and download updates.  Both of those
> operations will be cached by the local proxy.  The downside of rsync is
> that you need to run it periodically, and there will be quite a large
> amount of storage space required as well.
> However, if you still want to rsync, this command will work:
> rsync -rpt --delete \
>    --exclude="lost+found" --exclude=\*.src.rpm \
>    ${SERVER}/redhat/7.3 ${LOCALREPO}
> Replace ${SERVER} with a mirror, and ${LOCALREPO} with your local
> repository directory.
> Note that this command only mirrors the redhat 7.3 repository.
> -Dave

Thanks for this Dave.  I'll probaby look at doing something like this on a 
central server to create a local copy (and repeat for FC1).

What I need to know now is how's the best way to make these local copies 
available to RH73 and FC1 boxes so that I can yum on them.

What do I have to do on the server? configure apache or an ftp server?
What do I have to do on the client ? add the local server to their yum.conf?
Gary Stainburn
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