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Re: RH9 user - what should I do?

Quoting Troed Sångberg <troed sangberg se>:

Hi all,

I must be blind.


I've looked all over the Fedora Legacy project page, read
(I think, at least) the available documentation on the web, but I have _no
idea_ what to do to get my RH9-machine that previously used up2date for
security updates, to start using the packages from the Legacy project.

Due to a major infrastructure change with Fedora Legacy, which happended about the same time as the EOL of Red Hat 9, we're a bit behind on the RH 9 docs and support.

So, be patient, and it will show up.

Please - a step-by-step guide that doesn't ask me to choose between
yum/apt-whatever since I, as a stupid RH9 user, have only got a very vague
idea on the difference and significance of that choice?

If you don't know which to use, use yum.

Thanks in advance for any help,

-- Eric Rostetter

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