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Self-Introduction: Dominic Hargreaves


A much belated formal self-introduction:

1. Dominic Hargreaves (Full initials JMDH, I don't use the first two)
2. Oxford, UK
3. System administrator
4. Dept. of Astrophysics, University of Oxford
5. - Redhat 7.3 for network of workstations
   - Yes, time permitting
   - No special goals at this time
6. - Various experience adminning rh5-7 and debian boxes and building
     custom RPMs.
   - No major contributions to publically-visible projects
     so far (beyond what I've already done for FL).
   - Already have diverse admin responsibility over various personal,
     university and society machines with various sets of users (eg
     college and Computer society-run systems - see
     <http://www.ox.compsoc.net/>. As well
     as my own pledges and UK law I am bound by the University computer
     misuse policy.
   - Personal web page is at <http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/>.

pub  1024D/5178E2A5 1999-11-29 Dominic Hargreaves <dom earth li>
     Key fingerprint = 1176 44DF C579 B6DD 3E71  0CB5 633B 8528 5178 E2A5
uid                            Dominic Hargreaves <dominic hargreaves magd ox ac uk>
uid                            [revoked] dominic netcomuk co uk
sub  2048g/1C8FB44B 1999-11-29



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