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Re: apt or yum?

Markus Hakansson wrote:

Are there any arguments for which of these to chose?
As I understand it, yum has been chosen as 'the official'
up2date-replacement for Fedora Legacy (and Fedora Core), is that
Are the yum and apt repositories updated at the same time, or is one the
'master' so the other might lag behind?

Personally, I like apt better for its speed but I feel that I don't
really know if yum has any technical advantages.

Could anybody shed any light on this?

This has been discussed quite a lot with people defending their own choice quite strongly..

I would say use which ever one you are comfortable with.. Personally I use YUM because I found it simple to use and it did what I needed, so I have never tried APT..

Youe question is like many in the Linux and OSS world.. similar examples are "Should I use Gnome or KDE?", "Which Distro is best?" or "Should I use Netscape, Mozilla or Konqueror?".. These all have the same answer, which ever you prefer..


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