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Re: Kernel updates for QA

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 02:49:26PM +0100, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:

> In the absence of any further comment I've included the patch from
> http://linux.bkbits.net:8080/linux-2.4/diffs/arch/i386/kernel/pci-pc c 1 36?nav=index html|src/|src/arch|src/arch/i386|src/arch/i386/kernel|hist/arch/i386/kernel/pci-pc.c
> and am rebuilding the packages for further testing. If anyone thinks
> that we definitely shouldn't be putting this fix in please speak now!

P.S. Are the version numbers I'm using at the moment suitable?
For example, kernel-2.4.20-31.7.legacy.2.

It just occured to me that I can't see any other FL updates with that
numbering scheme so maybe kernel-2.4.20-31.7.2.legacy would be better?
(or since there won't be any further official Red Hat updates, just

I know this isn't a clearcut decision but can anyone comments (Jesse?)



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