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Re: RH9 user - what should I do?

On Thu, 13 May 2004 13:59:02 -0500, Mike Vanecek wrote:

> I took a look at 
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/9/i386/yum/stable/RPMS/.
> Were those packages created for RH 9 or for Fedora XX? I thought all the
> fedora stuff was to support the fedora core? However, the numbering on the
> packages could lead one to think that they are created for RH 9. 

*Please* take a look at the main page of http://fedora.us and what it says
near the top. http://fedora.us was using the name "fedora" _before_
the Fedora Project. It started as "Fedora Linux" an add-ons project
for Red Hat Linux. http://www.fedora.us/fedora-merge.html

Let's take a closer look at your URL from above (I think there's
a table somewhere explaining the structure, too):


    => this is a server mirroring several other serves

    => this is a mirror of http://download.fedora.us

    => this second "fedora" directory has nothing to do with "Fedora Core"
    => it is just a top directory at the master site

    => this is the root directory of the add-ons for Red Hat Linux

  The root directory of the add-ons for Fedora Core would be:

    => this is the root of the add-ons for Red Hat Linux 9

In it you find

 RPMS.os                 : Red Hat Linux 9
 RPMS.updates            : Red Hat Linux 9 Errata 
                            + Fedora Legacy Updates for Red Hat Linux 9

 RPMS.updates-testing    : -not used with Red Hat Linux -

 RPMS.stable             : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9
 RPMS.testing            : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9
 RPMS.unstable           : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9

and the same for source rpms.

> In any event, I think I will leave them out for a while until I get a little
> better feel for fedora-legacy. I noticed that the rpms for chkrootkit and
> leafnode are not current. I suspect that will probably be the case for the
> extras I have installed for original sources.

leafnode : 1.9.53 is in the publish queue
chkrootkit : 0.43 is latest release

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