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Re: Quetion about legacy support for FC1

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 01:38, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Yes, and yes.  I'm going to try to work with Red Hat and perhaps issue 
> one last yum update for FC1 before it gets EOLed that will contain 
> config files that point to Fedora Legacy servers.  Not sure how well 
> they will take to this idea, I haven't floated it by them yet.

Maybe a better solution would be for them to add the legacy updates to
their site.  This would not require users of FC1 to change anything
about how they update.  This would also imply that all the Fedora
mirrors would pick up the updates and lower the load the legacy servers.

The only problem with this would be that we would either have to use the
Fedora PGP key or users would have to add our PGP key, but I think that
would be an easier problem to solve.

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