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Re: Quetion about legacy support for FC1

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On Friday 14 May 2004 06:49, Mike Jones wrote:
> Maybe a better solution would be for them to add the legacy updates
> to their site.  This would not require users of FC1 to change
> anything about how they update.  This would also imply that all the
> Fedora mirrors would pick up the updates and lower the load the
> legacy servers.
> The only problem with this would be that we would either have to use
> the Fedora PGP key or users would have to add our PGP key, but I
> think that would be an easier problem to solve.

Not going to happen.  This gives the idea that the updates came from Red 
Hat, not from Fedora Legacy.  Red Hat wants to make sure there is a 
clear idea that Fedora Legacy packages are NOT Red Hat packages.  Our 
mirroring system is growing daily and our load isn't that bad on the 
servers.  We need more packagers and QA people than anything.

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