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Re: RH9 user - what should I do?

On Thu, 13 May 2004 17:30:41 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote
> On Thursday 13 May 2004 17:23, Mike Vanecek wrote:
> > Nope. It only finds the ones installed, but not in the repo:
> >
> > # yum list '*mysql*' or *mysql* (w/o the quotes)
> yum list seems to NOT show older packages.  Even though the older 
> one is in the repo, yum will not list it.

Yes, quite. My apologies for being rather thick ...

yum list [available]
              list  all  packages  in  the  yum  repositories  available to be

If a package is already installed, then it is not available to be installed.
As you said, since I already have the latest version installed

# rpm -qa | grep mysql

mysql-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm  	   5832 KB  	10/08/2003  	12:00:00 AM
mysql-devel-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm    568 KB 	10/08/2003 	12:00:00 AM
mysql-server-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm  1098 KB 	10/08/2003 	12:00:00 AM

 mysql-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm        08-Oct-2003 12:01  5.7M  
 mysql-devel-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm  08-Oct-2003 12:01  567K  
 mysql-server-3.23.58-1.9.i386.rpm 08-Oct-2003 12:01  1.1M  

those packages are not available to be installed by Yum.

Thank you for the learning lesson. Maybe I can help others on this topic later on.

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