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Re: Good bye, Fedora Legacy!

On Tue, 18 May 2004 mailarchive webbedmail com wrote:
> I remembered a guy called Dag who had worked for a company we acquired in
> Belgium when I headed up VA Linux technical services in Europe, pre me starting
> Smoothwall (so please I do have a clue). He has been doing exactly what Fedora
> Legacy does - on his own - without support - far quicker - far more efficiently
> and far far more succintly than Fedora Legacy has been.

Actually, doing everything by yourself, or by a well-trusted inner 
circle is *much* easier than distributing the work, as you don't have 
to worry about the process issues.

At the moment, it seems just a way too big pain in the ass to e.g.,
appropriately test an update -- and thus the updates do appear, but
will stay in limbo.  Not many bother to go through the painful &
manual steps.  If you could just trust the one who provided the update
to fix the bugs and not backdoor you, this would be much simpler.

I've a gut feeling that we need to make this easier.  For example, add
an automatic tool which diffs the contents of .src.rpm, and shows them
on the web / send them via email for perusal.  Then the binaries would
be built by the trusted buildsystem out of those.  Or something.  
Fetching the source RPMs, unpacking them, going through the files just
seems to be something that would take that 10-20 minutes per update,
and folks probably don't have time for that..

Pekka Savola                 "You each name yourselves king, yet the
Netcore Oy                    kingdom bleeds."
Systems. Networks. Security. -- George R.R. Martin: A Clash of Kings

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