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Kudos! And an Introduction

Well, you obviously took my whining to heart. 8)

Other than taking credit for something other people have done (as above, 
apply humor filter,) is there anything else I can do to help out the 
fedora-legacy project? I can analyze fixes, apply patches  and sling SRPMs 
around. I can also write documentation. If there's a need for QA, I can consider 
converting a server over to an unpopular release. (7.[12]? 8.0?). I 
imagine you have enough 7.3 capacity, though if that's not the case, I 
have one server running that release.

I can't remember if I gave a "self introduction" or not, so here goes. I 
have 18 years systems administration experience, starting on VAX/VMS in 
1986. I put my first Unix system, a Sun 4/110, together in 1989. I loaded 
Linux for the first time on a home PC in 1993 (Slackware with kernel 
0.9something, IIRC.). Linux has become increasingly important in my 
professional life since then, of course. I switched over to Red Hat at 
5.2, and I've pretty well stuck with them since. I'm currently supporting 
a large multinational's 7.3 based legacy Linux distro with security 
patches, working for another large multinational as a contractor to the 
first. I also do quite a bit of other work in the Linux line on the same 
project. My core specialty is systems administration tools.

For many years, I maintained "op", which is a sudo-like program. I 
recently wrote sudoscript (http://egbok.com/sudoscript) which is a system 
for auditing activity in a root shell using sudo(8) and script(1).
The first program is in C, and the second in Perl. I have lots of 
experience in both, though my Perl is much more current.

I'm a Linux enthusiast, as well as a Linux professional. I believe in Free 
Software, but I'm not a fanatic. Systems Administrators have to be 
practical about most things, mainly because they rarely have a choice 
about what their users will throw at them. 8)

If anyone took offense to my earlier postings, then I apologize. The flood 
of new fixes is impressive. I do think large lag times in releasing fixes 
is a problem for users depending on a service like this. But I'm  
volunteering to help out all I can to reduce turnaround. I can probably 
give five to ten hours a week.

Thanks for the useful service. As I've said before, the triage has been 
particularly helpful to me. Keep up the good work!

Howard Owen                      "Even if you are on the right
EGBOK Consultants                 track, you'll get run over if you
hbo egbok com    +1-650-218-2216  just sit there." - Will Rogers

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