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Re: Kudos! And an Introduction

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On Wednesday 19 May 2004 16:38, Howard Owen wrote:
> Well, you obviously took my whining to heart. 8)

Actually I just decided to let the project's actions speak for themselves 
rather than directly address previous emails.  Certian things in my 
private life have cleared up and allowed me some (much needed) cycles to 
spend on Fedora Legacy.

> Other than taking credit for something other people have done (as above,
> apply humor filter,) is there anything else I can do to help out the
> fedora-legacy project? I can analyze fixes, apply patches  and sling
> SRPMs around. I can also write documentation. If there's a need for QA,
> I can consider converting a server over to an unpopular release.
> (7.[12]? 8.0?). I imagine you have enough 7.3 capacity, though if that's
> not the case, I have one server running that release.

One of the things we need most is QA of current packages.  This does 
include 7.2/8.0 for now, but watch for a mail soon about this.  Pretty 
much all aspects is needed.  Troll through the bugs at fedora.us/LEGACY to 
see my comments on them and what is needed for them.

> If anyone took offense to my earlier postings, then I apologize. The
> flood of new fixes is impressive. I do think large lag times in
> releasing fixes is a problem for users depending on a service like this.
> But I'm volunteering to help out all I can to reduce turnaround. I can
> probably give five to ten hours a week.

I didn't take offense at all.  In fact I was rather ashamed that things too 
long as they have.  I have not accepted any more extra work (even though 
the money would be nice) so that I can dedicate time to Legacy.  I really 
appreciate your offers to help out and we could sure use them.

> Thanks for the useful service. As I've said before, the triage has been
> particularly helpful to me. Keep up the good work!


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