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Re: State of 7.2/8.0 in Fedora Legacy

On Wed, May 19, 2004 at 10:26:36PM -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:

> As we move forward, streamlining updates is absolutely necessary.  In 
> order to streamline, the bottlenecks need to be addressed, and today 
> these road blocks (aside from me and my personal time management 
> issues) are RHL 7.2 and RHL 8.0.
> So again, I broach the subject of removing these releases from official 
> Fedora Legacy supported releases.  We will still be supporting the 
> overwhelming majority of users and it is the best use of the limited 
> resources of the Fedora Legacy project.
> Please provide your (relevant) feedback.  Thanks.

I advocate removing RHL 7.2, certainly (since as people have pointed out
the upgrade to 7.3 shouldn't be too painful); 8.0 I'd be less keen on
removing in principle, but obviously it cannot stay in the present
situation, so we should probably remove this. My personal interest in the
project lies in 7.3 alone.

If these products are desupported by us and there is a real demand to
have updates, hopefully more people will come out of the woodwork and
play an active role in the FL project. Do we have any download
statistics for redhat 7.2 and 8.0 packages?

In the end we have to be somewhat ruthless about this. The issue is
going to come up time and time again as the older systems fall out of
the limelight, and each time it will be a trade-off between supporting
the older systems and getting prompt updates out for the more recent
ones. In an ideal world FL would now be supporting my Redhat 5.2 box :-)



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