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Re: State of 7.2/8.0 in Fedora Legacy

On Thursday 20 May 2004 01:26 am, Jesse Keating wrote:
> With the recent addition of Red Hat Linux 9, and the nearing end of life
> of Fedora Core 1, it's becoming apparent that the Fedora Legacy project
> lacks the man power to properly support all these releases.

> After trolling through bugzilla last night, it was quickly apparent that
> many of the packages in limbo were waiting on RHL 7.2/8.0 builds/QA.
> I've made noise before about dropping 7.2/8.0 and there has always been
> people making noise that they didn't want to see it dropped.  However I
> have not seen much (if any) community support for these releases.  For
> these reasons I am more inclined than ever to drop these releases.

> As we move forward, streamlining updates is absolutely necessary.  In
> order to streamline, the bottlenecks need to be addressed, and today
> these road blocks (aside from me and my personal time management
> issues) are RHL 7.2 and RHL 8.0.

> Please provide your (relevant) feedback.  Thanks.


In my opinion, at least RHL 7.2 should be dropped. RHL 7.3 is just a 
point-release away from 7.2. No major changes are found between 7.2 and 7.3, 
thus providing an easy upgrade path to 7.3

RHL 7.3 is a very nice Linux release, which is widely run. So, again, in my 
opinion, let 7.3 be the only RHL 7.x supported by Fedora Legacy.

As for RHL 8.0, I don't run it, so I will not comment on this one.

Josep L. Guallar-Esteve		System and Network Administration

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