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Re: State of 7.2/8.0 in Fedora Legacy - compromise?

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 11:47, Eric Rostetter wrote:
> I guess then unless someone volunteers to be the main 7.2 or 8.0 packager,
> we have no choice but to kill them.  We can't ask Jesse to do this in
> addition to all the other stuff he does.
> I'll gladly QA test 7.2 and 8.0 stuff, but I don't have the time to do the
> packages.  If no one else steps up asap to take on one of these, then I
> guess they should be dropped.

If people are still using 8.0, I guess I could step up and do the
packages. A few people would have to do the QA though, as I don't have
any 8.0 machine in production anymore.

I was looking into contributing to FL, so that could be it. BUT, if
everyone can upgrade to a newer version, my time could be better spent
doing RHL9 packages, and FC1 in a few months.

I think 7.2 should be dropped as the upgrade to 7.3 is easy.

There is also another alternative: support 7.2 and 8.0 only for priority
1 security bugs. For example: a remote http compromise. This would mean
only a package here and there instead of having one for every local
thing that comes out.


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