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Re: lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy

Quoting Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:

But I don't have the time to go crawling through bugzilla looking to
see what needs to be tested, and I've not seen a mailing to this list
lately with a list of things that needed testing.  In other words, I

Please read the above.

And for a while Pekka was posting a list of all the work needed items.  Was
that not usable?  I don't remember the discussion of a mailing list for bugs,

Yes, it was, but as I said, I've not seen one for a while...

there is a 'bugs fedoralegacy org' email alias, if you want on that, by all
means I'll add you.  I do know that I don't want bug discussion to happen on
a list and out of the bug.

Correct, it should be a one-way mailing only.

Yes, if you want me to help, please add me to bugs fedoralegacy org
When this was happening, I
had thought you had left the project, so it wasn't much of a thought process.

I've never left the project, I've just become much less active in it.

I would like EVERYTHING except advisories (see above) and the GPG keys. David
Eisenstein has done a lot of work of porting some content over, I'm sure he'd
like a hand with that.  I like the wiki as it is a LOT lower overhead to
contribute content, make updates as things change, refine processes,
interlink with other Fedora documentation such as how to use the CVS system,
how to get an account, how to use the build system, etc...

Okay, I'll take you at your word on the above.  And I'll just keep my
own opinions about it to myself where they belong.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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