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Some supporting ideas regarding fedora legacy project when FC6 is out today


 Glad that FC6 is out today for download/playing. 

 But FC5 and FC6 are released too closely -- only
three months apart. while FC4 had released over one
year before FC5 appeared. Consequently, a lot of
people and small organizations, as far as I know, have
installed bunches of "free" FC4 boxes instead of FC5.
Thereafter, they will directly go to FC6 instead of
FC4->FC5->FC6, taking into the consideration of that
each upgrade from one release to another one is not a
tedious work.

 Based on the above fact, one idea will flow out
naturally: based on the limited resourses of fedora
legacy groups, and facing losing users because limited
legacy support is flatted to each FC legacy release.
Is it possible to support only some subset of
releases? We can take the following strategy:

 1, for each odd-numbered release, take it as a alpha
version release, and don't support it with limited
fedora legacy resources. So FC5, FC7, FC9 will not go
into fedora legacy. and they will be in
official(redhat) support status in no more than half
year, or even a quarter. 

 2, for each even-numbered release, take it as a
post-beta version release. these version will stay in
official support for more than one year like FC4, then
after its ending of official support, the release will
go to fedora legacy for another one and half years or
even longer based on resources.
 3, for the support even-numbered releases, both
i386/x86_64 arches are supported. because nowadays all
new machines are amd64 or Intel EM64T, while original
i386 is still in use.

 This way we can bring FC releases back into the free
RH years since RH6.0 to RH9, helpful for FC, RH and

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