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Re: fedora-l] Migrating from RH9 Legacy to CentOS 3

On Tue, 24 Oct 2006, David Eisner wrote:

With the end of Legacy support for RH9, I'd like to migrate my Fedora
Legacified RH9 box to Centos 3.
Any thoughts on whether this should also work with the .legacy packages?

As author of the migration instructions in question, let me give an unqualified "Yes, probably" .... ;)

I would feel safer 'stretching' into CentOS-4, just to get the later kernel, and buying the longer lifespan, but a move with a set of CentOS 3.8 spins ISO images will work, if you are a dead plain install wholly mediated by RPM, with minimal or no transition issues. But please:
	1.  	level 0 backup
	2.	strip out unused packages -- a good idea
	3.	possibly reboot and force a full fsck on all
	4.	remove /home if at a separate mountpoint, from
		the fstab -- no reason to risk the data

good luck -- please let us know how it turns out.

- Russ Herrold

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