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Re: apt and upgrades

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 06:00, Chris Croome wrote:
> For the last year or so I have been updating and installing additional
> software for all my RedHat boxes using Freshrpms [1] and other apt
> repositories like Fedora [2]. I've also been using apt and yum with
> YellowDog.
> One nice thing about this is that it allows mirrors to be used with the
> updater -- is this something that RedHat might consider?

From objective #12 on rhl.redhat.com:

"Create an environment where third party packages are easy to add and 
positive encouragement and support exists for third party packaging."

So they are already thinking about how to support Fedora.us and other such 
sites. The particulars have yet to be worked out. (RHN channels for each? 
up2date capable of going out to those sites and warning about third-party? 

I did see something I can't find now about enhancing 
'redhat-config-packages' for such things..

Anyhow.. stay tuned.

> My other question is if there is no longer going to be boxed CDs for
> sale perhaps it might be possible in the future for upgrading between
> versions to work in a way that doesn't require CDs?

People do upgrades w/ apt and yum today that way. Various levels of success 
are reported.

Who knows what'll be integrated into the RHLP at this point but it's worth 
considering IMO. Although I'd like to see whatever gets integrated be 
vertical enough that it can practically be used in the RHEL offerings..

Cheers, -Ali

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