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Re: SIGPIPE, where is it coming from?

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 13:27, Brown, Tony wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am running a Netbackup RH 7.1 client (Win2k Media/Master Server).  My diferrential backups are fine.  My full backup is consistently disconnecting the socket(s) with a SIGPIPE error.  I am at a loss in trying to find what is producing the SIGPIPE.  
> [5066] <16> bpbkar sighandler: ERR - bpbkar killed by SIGPIPE
> [5066] <2> bpbkar sighandler: INF - ignoring additional SIGPIPE signals
> I see that gdb can be used to trap signals or redirect the action of certain signals ... but this looks to be based on C programs ... my process is ksh based.
> Any suggestions?

SIGPIPE is caused when you attempt to write to a socket which the
_other_ end has closed.  Thus, it could very easily be a bug in whatever
"bpbkar" was talking to when it received SIGPIPE.

Though, it also looks like "bpbkar" doesn't gracefully handle SIGPIPE...

-- Lon

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