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Re: thank you red Hat

I second that!

And I don't fault them for being hard nosed about their revenue stream.
I'm astonished ans delighted that they have finally found a way to make 
money from free (as in beer AND in freedom) software. If they continue
to pull profitable quarters out of such a dismal economy, they 
will have vindicated Free Software as a viable base for business. And 
though supporting the communities surrounding that software is critical
to their products, I get the strong impression that they are doing it
first and foremost because they believe it's The Right Thing To Do. 
Way to go!

Now, if you could just drop the price .. 8)

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 22:14, Jack Bowling wrote:
> I don't want this to come off as some dopey cheerleading. But I'm just
> happy Red Hat decided that forking the former RHL into commercial and 
> open-source entities was worth their time. They could just as easily
> have picked up their ball and gone to court the enterprise crowd. But
> they didn't. And that says everything to me.
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