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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator

Erik Williamson wrote:
> I've recently been asked/told to limit OS releases to every 2 years. 
> I feel that this is fair.

You might want to sit down and make sure there are no breakable objects

Fedora Project:
Update Lifetime 2-3 months after next release

Now...before you go into a hulkish rage. Look at

Fedora Legacy definition.
If you are interested in seeing Fedora Legacy support for your boxen to
the tune of the 2 year span you are interested in....you need to be part
of the discussion and part of the community legacy effort sooner rather
than later.

Other options of course is to talk to Red Hat sales about working out
some licensing options. I'm pretty sure Red Hat a rep has been on the
fedora mailing list saying they are willing to talk about .edu about
discussing things.



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