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Re: A curse on LABEL=

On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 13:15, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> (1) "They" are now forcing us to use Disk Druid.
> At least we used to be given the choice of fdisk if we asked nicely.
> I find Disk Druid very annoying - it takes on itself
> to tell me how I should partition my disk,
> and won't let me do it the way I want.
> I don't mind at all - in fact I approve -
> of the user being provided with a default partitioning scheme 
> if he/she so wishes.

Um, there's always a shell available during the install process, and
fdisk is available.  Just switch to the shell and start fdisk, do you
thing, then switch back.  I usually take the opportunity to do it at the
prompt where you're asked if you want to do automatic or manual
partitioning, then after I'm done with fdisk, I select manual
partitioning, choose my partition to mount-point assignments in Disk
Druid, and continue on my way, with the partition table laid out the way
*I* want.

> {2} I see they are threatening us that OSS will no longer be supported.
> OSS works on one ancient machine of mine, and ALSA does not
> (perhaps due to ignorance on my part).

I was under the impression that ALSA supports all the hardware that OSS
does, and more, so I imagine it could probably be made to work.  If not,
the OSS compatibility layer is part of the kernel source, so as long as
it stays in the generic kernel, you can always build your own kernel and
get OSS.  FWIW, I find building kernels has become much easier in the
2.6 tree.

> (3) I don't understand all this crowing over rhgb -
> I'd rather read what is happening than watch a snail crawl across the screen
> Of course I don't mind people running rhgb if they like,
> but I don't think it should be the default.

It's an old maxim in human interface design: experienced users can
modify things to their liking, newbies can't.  A newbie presented with
the textual boot-up would be hard pressed to figure out how to turn on
the GUI (if they even considered that it *could* be changed), whereas an
experienced user knows how to remove the 'rhgb' parameter from a boot
stanza.  It's also important to note that this only has  to be done once
-- subsequent kernel upgrades inherit any changes you make.

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