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Re: how to make a white cursor?

On Wednesday, Apr 21st 2004 at 12:48 -0400, quoth Zachary C.:

=>How do I change the current arrow (cursor) to a standard white one? My
=>video hardware supports hardware acceleration of a standard white arrow,
=>to help prevent flickering when moving the mouse over say a video or an
=>animated gif or webpage scrolling or other objects on the screen being
=>updated. I'd like it to use that, but since I've gone to FC1 it is black
=>and flickers all over the place.
=>I went into prefs for root and all other users and changed the setting
=>for Use White Cursor to enabled, rebooted and it's still the same black
=>cursor. If I could get the black arrow to at least not flicker I'd be
=>happy with that, but I think the only way to do that on my hardware is
=>to have it the standard white one.

Easy peasy.

Assuming you're running an xterm... 

Add this to your XTerm-color resource file

              *cursorColor:     white

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