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Re: FC2 test 1

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Dave Jones wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 18:39, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> > > > I just had a look at the FC2 test 1 download for iso's and it is 4 cd's,
> > > > plus a nother 4 for the SRPM's. Wow, 
> > > Yea, it's not what anyone really wants. Suggestions on what to remove are
> > > most welcome. :)
> > all the kernel rpms are together around 100MB... ;)
> kernel-source takes up the bulk of this, weighing in at 40MB.
> That's not going to get any smaller. The actual kernel images
> are around 16MB each, and there's only 4 of them.
> (i586/i586-smp/i686/i686-smp)
> We're actually shipping *less* kernel RPMs than FC1.
> - No Athlon build
> - No 386 build
> - No bigmem build
> - No debug build (though this will change for the final FC2)
> I'm not sure we can actually trim it any further without losing
> functionality that some folks may want, or punishing low-end users.

Yeah, I know my suble attempt at humor went slightly wide of the mark... I 
think the distro is substantially less useful without the kernel, 
nothwithstanding the number of parts.

feeping creatureism seeming to be most of the source of growth although 
some allegedly high-value packages are quite large:

kde 		~277MB
openoffice 	~121
emacs 		~25
xemacs 		~40

nickling and dimeing could probably squeeze it back on 3 cd's but it's 
probably not worth it.

> We could lose the UP 586 build, and only ship the 586-smp kernel,
> which should run fine, but at a slight performance loss.
> Frankly, to save 16MB I don't think its worth it.
> 	Dave

Joel Jaeggli  	       Unix Consulting 	       joelja darkwing uoregon edu    
GPG Key Fingerprint:     5C6E 0104 BAF0 40B0 5BD3 C38B F000 35AB B67F 56B2

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