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Compiling my own kernel that is exactly like the one fedora distributed...

I am running FC2, but I have been confused by this since FC1. I successfully built and run my own kernels before, but I have never understood the steps to build a kernel just like the one distributed.

For example, take the latest FC2 kernel.

1) I've previously installed the latest kernel and kernel source 2.6.2-
2) droping into /usr/src/linux-2.6.2-
3) I do make mrproper
3) I copy /boot/config-2.6.2- to .config
4) I do make oldconfig
5) I do make install

I now have a 2.6.2- kernel and initrd and and entry in grup. Cool I think.
However, when I go to boot it it panics because there is no ext3. Now I have gotten this to work
by going back and adding ext3 into the kernel, but my question is: why do I need to do this? I
copied the distribution config, shouldn't everything be the same? Shouldn't it work just like the
distribution, with the only difference being the name and when and where it was built?


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