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Mailing list message stats for February 2005

Short month so the messages count is lower than previous month.  

Total messages 7597

Count of solved issues: 245

Subject: Apache, FC2 and Virtual Servers [RESOLVED...in part]
Subject: Apache suEXEC help - solved!
Subject: apt-get problem (solved)
Subject: Authentication problem in sieve FC3 SOLVED
Subject: automount seems not to work SOLVED
Subject: can't boot after upgrade-Partly solved
Subject: can't get ip through dhcp after upgrade - SOLVED
Subject: Contributing code to open-source in EU? - SOLVED
Subject: custom kernel "unable to open initial console" [SOLVED]
Subject: cyrus-imapd howto - SOLVED!  + fetchmail question
Subject: Digital camera woes [resolved]
Subject: Dual boot FC3 [SOLVED]
Subject: DVD in xine [SOLVED}
Subject: Eclipse Question - RESOLVED
Subject: Evolution problem - Solved!
Subject: FC1 slowing down - SOLVED
Subject: FC2 - Can't boot to FC after XP re-instal (solved)
Subject: FC2 granting rw on FAT32 dir [solved]
Subject: fc2 installation freezes on athlon-xp [solved]
Subject: [FC2] OT - Desert Combat F-16 bug - SOLVED!
Subject: FC2 quota's [solved]
Subject: FC3 Dual Boot Problem - Solved
Subject: FC3 DVD iso question - actual size? RESOLVED
Subject: FC3: KDE Applications menu is empty [SOLVED]
Subject: FC3 - KDE - Graphics is buggy.. [SOLVED]
Subject: [FC3] Weather applet missing:  Solved
Subject: FC3 - wrong screen resolution - A bug? - SOLVED
Subject: Fedora Core 2 Upgraded Kernel Won't Boot [SOLVED]
Subject: Fedora Core 3 test 2 performance [SOLVED!]
Subject: firefox update problems with FC2 [resolved]
Subject: free space advice. (solved)
Subject: Fw: SCSI Tape problem on FC2 (SOLVED)
Subject: Gnome panel and desktop icons mysteriously changed: SOLVED
Subject: grub error 22. Bad partition table? [solved]
Subject: How to automatically load kernel modules SOLVED
Subject: How to find missing libraries when compiling apps [SOLVED]
Subject: ipchains -> iptables SOLVED :)
Subject: Is "The FC2-Windows installation issue"  solved ?
Subject: KDE and Yum - RESOLVED
Subject: KDE occupies GDM [SOLVED]
Subject: Many Problems Solved
Subject: Minimum DNS Config - SOLVED
Subject: Mouse copy-paste [SOLVED]
Subject: mouse unresponsive after FC3 upgrade to laptop [solved!]
Subject: Network NTP Setup (SOLVED)
Subject: pam-ldap broken (FC3)- partially solved
Subject: pam-ldap broken- SOLVED
Subject: Postfix (Resolved)
Subject: previous problem sort of resolved
Subject: Printing Problems Solved!
Subject: Problem copying files [SOLVED..]
Subject: problem installing firefox <resolved!>
Subject: problems with upgrade from RH9 to FC2 [solved, sort of]
Subject: Problems with wine & new kernel [SOLVED]
Subject: Problem with RHBG (partially solved)
Subject: problem with xine freshly installed [SOLVED]
Subject: Problem with yellow text in man pages - Solved
Subject: Re: Accessing hosted domains inside a LAN [RESOLVED]
Subject: Re: Apache suEXEC help - solved!
Subject: Re: Authentication problem in sieve FC3 SOLVED
Subject: Re: Canon USB printer [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: Can't get Optra S printer recognized or working (Resolved)
Subject: Re: cbrPager on FC3 (solved)
Subject: Re: CD burning as user on FC3 {SOLVED}
Subject: Re: Changing default browser in KDE - RESOLVED
Subject: RE: Changing mta in /etc/alternatives : how? [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: Contributing code to open-source in EU? - SOLVED
Subject: Re: creating a sysv script - SOLVED
Subject: Re: cyrus-imapd howto - SOLVED!
Subject: Re: cyrus-imapd howto - SOLVED!  + fetchmail question
Subject: RE: Dhcp client lease time[solved]
Subject: RE: FC1 to FC3 upgrade Yum problem [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: FC3 and ThinkPad T41 - FINALLY SOLVED
Subject: Re: FC3 and ThinkPad T41 - FINALLY SOLVED (well, sorta)
Subject: Re: fc3 ftp connects but not working (Solved)
Subject: Re: FC3 Graphical Boot and Install Problems - SOLVED!
Subject: Re: FC3 lost my wireless network device - solved
Subject: Re: FC3 memory  (evolution) SOLVED
Subject: RE: FC3 - system unbootable - solved
Subject: Re: Firefox 1.0-6 + Java SDK 1.5 = Solved
Subject: Re: Firefox FTP problem (Solved)
Subject: Re: firefox issues <Solved>
Subject: RE: forcing a specific IP [RESOLVED]
Subject: RE: Fstab setup [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: gnome panels gone - my fault [solved]
Subject: Re: grub and flying elephants-solution-SOLVED
Subject: Re: Haldaemon and Vmware [SOLVED, maybe]
Subject: RE: Help with first bash script please [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: hostname in fc (SOLVED)
Subject: Re: How do i satisfy package dependencies? SOLVED :-)
Subject: Re: How to get this modem working: SOLVED
Subject: Re: JPackage Sun Java crashes Firefox [SOLVED, sort of]
Subject: Re: Kmail address book error [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: KVM and mouse stability [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: LIRC on Laptop + hELP!! [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: Make iiim the default. How? - Solved
Subject: Re: Many Problems Solved
Subject: Re: mgetty SOLVED
Subject: Re: my graphical greeter is fubar <Solved>
Subject: Re: MySQL startup confused [SOLVED]
Subject: RE: Nagging X problem - SOLVED
Subject: Re: Network problem - SOLVED
Subject: Re: newbie in trouble - recovering fstab [solved]
Subject: Re: New monitor and I am getting no display (SOLVED)
Subject: Re: Not able to print to shared OS X printer (Solved)
Subject: Re: Open links in new tab in Firefox? [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: overheated laptop - solved??
Subject: Re: Postfix (Resolved)
Subject: Re: previous problem sort of resolved
Subject: Re: Problem with esound daemon (esd) SOLVED!
Subject: Re: Problem with logs. Solved!
Subject: Re: qt question SOLVED
Subject: Re: Really strange up2date behavior [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: reboot errors (Solved)
Subject: Re: Re: FC3: kernel-2.6.10-1.741_FC3 and lm_sensors (SOLVED)
Subject: Re: [RESOLVED] A long, strange FC3 problem (an nVidia / Radeon
Subject: Re: RESOLVED Re: mplayer installation problem
Subject: Re: [RESOLVED] Squid question in FC3
Subject: Re: scanning with my multi-function epson cx3200 [solved]
Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Greylisting another take (solved hopefully)
Subject: Re: slmodemd dead but subsys locked -SOLVED
Subject: Re: Smartlink Modems and snd_intel8x0m Solved
Subject: Re: SMTP AUTH failing [solved]
Subject: [RESOLVED] A long, strange FC3 problem (an nVidia / Radeon
Subject: Re: [Solved (for me)]Sound problems with new kernel
Subject: RESOLVED [Fwd: Screaming Interrupt [Was: Post-logoff
Subject: [RESOLVED]gimp won't start up
Subject: Resolved: LTO-2 tape device is very slow?
Subject: Re: [SOLVED] Palm hotsync ends prematurely [ - upgrade kernel]
Subject: {RESOLVED} Re: AD + Openldap, change passwd failed
Subject: Re: [SOLVED] Re: Bizarre weirdness with del key and GNOME
Subject: Re: SOLVED-Re: Dual Boot with FC3 and Win 2K
Subject: Re: SOLVED: Re: FC3 Installation Woes
Subject: Re: [SOLVED]Re: Firefox problem
Subject: Re: SOLVED Re: How do I make native OpenOffice.org
Subject: RESOLVED: Re: how to config XFree86 on FC1 with i865 video card
Subject: RESOLVED: Re: How to mount samba folder within a NT Domain
Subject: [RESOLVED] RE: MadWIFI and FC3
Subject: [RESOLVED ]Re: mplayer installation problem
Subject: RESOLVED Re: mplayer installation problem
Subject: Re: SOLVED: Re: Named seems to have broken SSL
Subject: Re: [SOLVED]Re: sendmail problems
Subject: Re: SOLVED: Re: Smart Package Manager:  Configuration in
Subject: Re: SOLVED: smartd troubles: what package supplies?
Subject: [RESOLVED] vmware and kernel build
Subject: Re: Some root mail not coming through [Solved?]
Subject: Res: Re: [THANKS-SOLVED] kernel linux-2.6.8-1.521 locks
Subject: Re: startup services order - solved
Subject: Re: strange 2.5m pause in Fedora2 boot (solved?)
Subject: Re: Strange problems with sshd under fc3 - Solved!
Subject: Re: System refusing connections after CORE 3 SOLVED
Subject: Re: Test, Please ignore. [Solved]
Subject: Re: time sync with ntp not working correctly? - solved
Subject: Re: Usb disk stopped working (FC3), partly solved
Subject: Re: Usb scanner problem [SOLVED]
Subject: Re: USB storage device locks up FC3 [RESOLVED]
Subject: Re: Used swap 0MB of 0MB - why? [solved]
Subject: Re: User acounts caching somewhere, but where? - SOLVED
Subject: Re: vnc in FC3 - SOLVED
Subject: Re: where does wget put its file [solved]
Subject: Re: Which 'bind' does Network Manager want? [resolved]
Subject: Re: windows line breaks in txt files [solved]
Subject: Re: xmms-mp3.rpm for fc3 x86_64/AMD64?[Solved]
Subject: Re: yum problem, 'Repository base already added' (FC3) [solved]
Subject: Re: Zero-lenght partition [SOLVED]
Subject: Samba Permissions (Solved)
Subject: Sendmail Milter Question [ SOLVED]
Subject: [solved 2nds]Errormsg symbol __libc_wait, version GLIBC2.0
Subject: [SOLVED] awstats overloading system
Subject: SOLVED: can write to USB stick, but cannot read
Subject: SOLVED: Change of Intel to AMD motherboard
Subject: [SOLVED] emacs says "no fonts found" - more info
Subject: [solved] FC3 + udev + cdrom
Subject: SOLVED: Fedora Core 2 on Compaq (HP) Proliant DL360 G2
Subject: [SOLVED]firefox
Subject: SOLVED: HELP: GRUB or Part. Table damaged by QTPARTED!!
Subject: [SOLVED] kernel linux-2.6.8-1.521 locks when leaving X11
Subject: [SOLVED] network card : device not present
Subject: [SOLVED} network woes with laptop and pc card ethernet
Subject: [SOLVED] Nvidia 6629 + Dell Laptop = LCD Problems
Subject: [SOLVED part 2] Re: How to turn off DMA turing install
Subject: [SOLVED] Please help: kdvi can't find fonts!
Subject: [SOLVED] Please help: problems using kdvi.
Subject: SOLVED: rbldnsd/Bind
Subject: [Solved?] Re: 3C509B and Upgrade to FC3
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Almost ALSA!
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: automatic yum updates?
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Bizarre weirdness with del key and GNOME Terminal
Subject: <SOLVED> Re: Boot after kernel recompile
Subject: <SOLVED> Re: Clock delay
Subject: SOLVED-Re: Dual Boot with FC3 and Win 2K
Subject: [SOLVED]  Re: Evolution 2.0.2 problem
Subject: SOLVED: RE: FC2 to FC3 upgrade exits abnormally
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: FC2 won't boot on battery!!
Subject: SOLVED: Re: FC3 Installation Woes
Subject: [SOLVED]Re: FC3: Remove a plugin from Firefox
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: FC3: spamassassin ignoring user prefs
Subject: SOLVED: Re: FC3 update => syslog / portmap do not start anymore
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: FC3 x86_64 boot hangs at HAL Daemon
Subject: SOLVEDRe: fetchmailconf not invoking X window
Subject: [SOLVED]Re: Firefox problem
Subject: SOLVED Re: How do I make native OpenOffice.org file
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: How to turn off DMA turing install
Subject: <SOLVED> Re: IP Forwarding
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Kernel SRPM questions
Subject: SOLVED: remote control of dual boot
Subject: SOLVED: Re: Named seems to have broken SSL
Subject: <SOLVED> Re: Network device on IRQ 10 after kernel recompile
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: non-visible firefox!
Subject: SOLVED:Re: permanently changing domain name for localhost
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Please: need *urgent* help mounting USB stick
Subject: [Solved!] Re: Random filecopy errors DVD -> Harddisk ??
Subject: [SOLVED]Re: sendmail problems
Subject: SOLVED: Re: Smart Package Manager:  Configuration in readonly
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: udev + custom vanilla kernel - modules - initrd
Subject: [Solved] Re: UT2004 Crashes
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: Weird problem: USB lockup with a SD card
Subject: [SOLVED] Re: yum-applet-gui non-functional
Subject: [SOLVED] RHN applet or icon
Subject: [SOLVED]:Seagate SATA disk on Sil3112 controller performance on
Subject: SOLVED Smart_Host vs FALLBACK_MX Was [Re: More on Masquerading]
Subject: [SOLVED] Synaptic not feeling well
Subject: SOLVED TwinView on Fedora Core 3
Subject: [solved] User eject of SCSI device node
Subject: [SOLVED-using Rsync] Re: Partial content support in SCP?
Subject: Solved - was Re: cd drive mounting
Subject: [Solved]yum, crontab and logwatch
Subject: [Solved] yum repo for dag
Subject: sometime sound in FC2? [SOLVED]
Subject: Soundcard     [SOLVED]
Subject: / space usage [SOLVED!]
Subject: squirrelmail does not display anything but inbox (solved.
Subject: SSH question SOLVED
Subject: Strange behaviour non-linux partitions: SOLVED
Subject: Streamtuner [SOLVED]
Subject: [THANKS-SOLVED] kernel linux-2.6.8-1.521 locks when leaving
Subject: Unable to open USB device - a second time - SOLVED for
Subject: Unable to shutdown/reboot on A22p [SOLVED}
Subject: update to FC3 failed [x86_64] [Solved]
Subject: Usb disk stopped working (FC3), partly solved
Subject: Using iptables to foward vnc SOLVED-ish
Subject: vamilla kernel compile [SOLVED]
Subject: vpnclient load problem solved
Subject: Wireless problem after update- Problem Solved
Subject: xlock (Solved!)

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  60		Gene Heskett
  59		Mark Sargent
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  54		Michael A. Peters

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  121		Solution Coming Fedora Community: Under threat?
  75		100% Linux - Is it possible?
  74		Slightly OT: Greylisting success or failure stories?
  55		Linux sucks?
  52		Has anyone dumped udev for devfs?
  44		List Rules
  43		Linux and Spywares - lack of reading
  43		Linux Desktop for university staff
  41		An update is needed Fedora!
  40		Why do I need SELinux?
  38		NTP problem - Clock too fast for NTP to keep up?
  32		TurboTax - Linux?
  32		(no subject)
  30		Linux sucks
  29		Gmail Invites
  27		RHEL redistribution..
  27		Advice on external backup of a Linux server.
  27		Kernel crash
  26		IP address variable
  26		openoffice.org-1.1.3-5.5.0: bug or feature?
  25		Fedora Extras
  24		Distributed file system
  24		Setting Up Mail Server and Vitual Hosting
  24		error while loading shared libraries:
  22		What's a good video card?

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