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Re: Where are all the updates gone?

Res wrote:

Some of those "user opinions" came from @redhat.com addresses, I actually don't take any notice of @anydomain.blah posters, as they are just like I, posting a personal opinion, but when you post with @redhat.com, it is next best thing to an official comment.

Not really. Red Hat folks have personal opinions just like anyone else. Alternatively the domain name from which you email comes doesnt make your opinion irrelvant either. See http://fedoraproject/wiki/Objectives for more official information.

I completely disagree, grub is rubbish, its the first thing i remove off any fedora box I install and will continue to do so, however the desktops are all close to not being Fedora any longer, so this entire discussion maybe moot, I was going to wait and eval F7, and if its still as butchered
as previous releases.

At which time other more 'non politcal or narrow visioned' flavours will be evaluated

If you are so interested in lilo, step up and maintain it. Nothing is preventing you from doing that. It is the same for every single package that is already not in the repository. Politics or vision is irrelevant to that.


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