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Re: Xwindow can't start after f12 preupgrade

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 9:20 PM, L <yuanlux gmail com> wrote:

I update from F11 to F12 via preupdate. It seems doing well with
installtion. after reboot, the X window can't be started. I boot this
PC with USB-unbuntn, changed the

id:5:initdefault: at /etc/inittab to


After started, to level 3, I looked around, unfortunately, I still
can't find way to start X11.

I tryied

/sbin/init 3

at level 3, I can login this PC from other PC

/sbin/init 5

PC just hold there, no response. I can't login this PC from  other networked PC

hope some one can help



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Did you try startx from the command line in run level 3?

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