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Re: Cannot boot after update F11

On 11/23/2009 07:01 AM, Vincent Onelli wrote:

Help! I Have 2 Computer HP laptop and Dell Desktop Both have worked fine
the laptop was getting update regularly, desktop did not. I decided to
poke around, and found the update box was not checked, so I did and then
used "su -c 'yum update'" it start the update, but at one point start to
repeat lines claiming yum was busy I left running for while then I
realize that it got in an endless loop I stop by closing the terminal.
The download continue for while, when stop I reboot but din,t even got
to the menu. I try the rescue disk but it takes me to the command line,
what I do from here? I will appreciate very much some help.
  I was ready to do new installation with F12 but I will loose important
data. This is dual boot with windows xp in 2 separate HD, windows would
not boot also.
Thank you in advance.

If you have critical data that is not backed up you might want to boot a live CD distro and back that stuff up to external media first.

Does the /mnt/sysimage/boot directory exist and have :

1) grub subdirectory?
2) Files vmlinuz* and init*?

If so, you could do a "grub reinstall". When I googled for "fedora grub install rescue" this came up near the top :


...if you don't know where your boot sector is installed, google for "fedora where is my boot sector" and there are lots of ways to find it.


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