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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] "Build a Fedora Live CD" instructions

Tim Boring wrote:

if you want to add /sbin to root's path permanently, you need to add it to root's .bashrc, not .bash_profile. that'll take care of it so /sbin is there after a reboot.
Thanks, Tim. I'll try that instead. I'm guessing now that what I tried didn't work because I didn't log in as root after editing .bash_profile. I logged in as myself and then switched to root in a terminal.

you couldn't log in because the livecd-creator command doesn't set a root password and doesn't create a normal user. you'll have to do that yourself. i think i saw that in the docs somewhere.
Well, I'm working from two documents, the document from the IBM site and a README that I got from the wiki. I think an understanding on the point is coming to me, though slowly. I'll need more time for experimenting, which I don't have right now, but I wanted to reply to you as soon as I could to thank you for your further help.

Best wishes,


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