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[Fedora-livecd-list] Fedora 7 Test 4 GNOME based i386 Live CD report


Just installed the F7 T4 GNOME based i386 live cd and here are some of my observations after playing with it for a day.

* You do not need to accept the EULA anymore. It just has a pointer to the wiki link instead of including the text.

* Smolt integration UI is good and works well. Noticed that it said it would update the profile automatically on a monthly basis. My test system profile is


* Look and feel is good. Flying high theme with Mist based icon set.

* Firefox and Evolution are the default panel applications but seem to be using the old Blue Curve icons.

* Network manager (nm-applet) is enabled by default

* Blog, stock ticker, bittorrent and gparted applications installed by default

* fast user switcher applet is on the panel by default and shows up on the lock screen. too.

* Multiple locales and input methods available by default

* Abiword does not crash on startup anymore. gnumeric is also available but we are missing a small presentation program to complete this sort of mini office suite.

* Beagle is installed by default and replaces gnome-search-tool on the UI like the previous release. Might be better to keep these entries separate.

* gThumb and GIMP are available by default but not f-spot.

* Pigdin has replaced Gaim. Has new icons and a better interface.

* Wodim has replaced cdrecord. cdrecord is a symlink to wodim and works as expected.

* New application, system-config-selinux is available under administration. Looks pretty comprehensive. SELinux boolean configuration has been removed from system-config-securitylevel and is now available in this tool. Title says "system-config-selinux.py" instead of just "system-config-selinux" which is a minor wart in the UI.

* Places and /home/<user> is filled by default folders for documents, video etc. Might look less cluttered if those default folder were under a common parent. /home/<user>/personal/<default folders> for example.

* Preferences menu is organized into multiple categories now. The central control panel that GNOME includes is disabled by default (upstream inherited) but can be enabled using alacarte. Menu editor is a entry now in the preferences menu.

* Yum is faster. Pirut and Pup UI does not appear to hang anymore.

* About Fedora menu entry uses old wordings and says Fedora people instead of Planet Fedora as we have agreed upon now for consistency.

* nautilus-open-terminal extension was not installed by default unlike previous live cd releases.

* SCIM input icon doesnt show up on the system tray unlike the previous test release. Default is showing on demand but setting it to show always does not make it show up on the system tray.

* nautilus has crashed more than once during login including the previous test releases with some vague bonobo error which I did not note down. Anyone else seeing this?

* Turning on desktop effects immediately makes it crash Xorg

* shutdown entry showed up twice as first and last entries in the system menu just once.

Rest later,

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