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[Fedora-livecd-list] Fedora 7 Test 4 GNOME based i386 Live CD - install to HD option + ssh

I booted the livecd, and used it for like 5 hours with no problems, except i did notice if you logout and try to mess with the preferences for the greeter/user login it'll simply flip out. wasn't sure why. but if you click on things, the screen refreshes, and doesnt reload properly, it does this a number of times.

I had to simply reboot. so whatever happened I'm not sure.

after I came back I decided to wipe the hard drive and put the livecd image on it using the installer tool, - awesome process. very simple.

The ONLY thing i noticed was SSH is disabled .. and personally. this made things slightly difficult to get this box up and running. if ssh was available.

I could have :

booted the box with the cd, logged in via ssh, fired up vncserver, came back to my desktop and connected... setup the hd install from remote, and rebooted.

at that point, rebooted when required, then pull the cd out, ssh back in, do the same thing and do the rest of the configuration. all headless.

if security was an issue. having direct access to the cdrom wouldn't matter. I can tear the box apart with a chainsaw for that matter. so security IS not a concern root access is flat out available to any computer on my network with a simple reboot of the computer from a button push and a livecd drop in.

Please . turn ssh on by defualt. the livecd users of the world will benefit from it. OR .. at least turn it on once it goes HD install. this way at least we can shell into the box and do some configuration without hauling cables around to eyeball what's going on..

This inst a rant about SSH being disabled .. I just wanted to make sure people DO actually care that ssh is disabled.

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