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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Revised: [PATCH] turboLiveInst - improves livecd/usb installer speed by 15-20+%

	This doesn't actually seem so bad to me ...

	The main suggestion I'd have is that if the osmin.size was dropped[1],
and if we could reduce the size of the COW area of the snapshot to its
minimal (i.e. look at how much is used and truncate it at that point),
then we can just include osmin.img directly and cut out a lot of the

	Also, the snapshot device created by liveinst.sh should be readonly
(dmsetup -r, I think).

	I'd also probably move the snapshot creation code out of liveinst.sh
into anaconda itself.

	I'd tend towards not having --cleanup-deleted and --turbo-liveinst
options and just make it the default.

	Finally, perhaps explain this feature as:

  "Reduce installation time by not copying unused data to disk"

	And if you want to explain how it actually works:

  "We avoid copying unused data by copying a filesystem image that has 
   been reduced to the minimal possible size. This minimal image is not 
   sufficient for a running LiveCD as applications need room to write 
   more data, but the minimal image is efficiently created just before 
   copying by applying a pre-calculated set of deltas to the original 
   large filesystem image."


[1] - Just change getLiveSizeMb() to always "dumpe2fs -h" to get the
filesystem size

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