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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] booting recent livecd images

En/na Colin Walters ha escrit:

Just wondering if anyone else was able to boot ISOs generated by
livecd-creator recently?  First off, when I try to use qemu-kvm, I get
random hangs during the bootup process (in different places; last message
might be SCSI or TCP congestion algorithm, etc).

So, I use "qemu".  The images I'm generating fail to find the root
filesystem (screenshot attached).

I'm building them on Fedora 7, git head livecd-tools.  This used to work, so
something regressed recently, and I have no idea what =)  How would one go
about debugging this?

I also have the same problem. It seems that the ATA modules are not included in the image, so the CD device doesn't gets created. Reverting changes from commit 098ffcd52ea37d10e91265f9909380367dbf6d83 solves the problem for me.

After looking at mayflower code, I think there is a bug. I've not tryed yet, but the attached patch should fix mayflower to add the ATA modules.

diff --git a/creator/mayflower b/creator/mayflower
index fe2e301..06b9efe 100755
--- a/creator/mayflower
+++ b/creator/mayflower
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ for m in $MODULES ; do
     if [ $char = '=' ]; then
 	NAME=$(echo $m | cut -c2-)
 	if [ "$NAME" = "ata" ]; then
-	    MODS="$MODS $(cat /lib/modules/$KERNEL/modules.block |egrep '(ata|ahci)' |sed -e 's/.ko//')"
+	    MODS="$MODS $(cat /lib/modules/$KERNEL/modules.libata |egrep '(ata|ahci)' |sed -e 's/.ko//')"
 	    MODS="$MODS $(cat /lib/modules/$KERNEL/modules.$NAME |sed -e 's/.ko//')"

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