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Caution! Bad SONAME Provides

Broken dependencies are one thing, broken "Provides" another.

The distribution includes an increasing number of packages, which don't
filter their SONAME Provides when they include shared libraries in private

This can have devastating effects in conjunction with yum's "shortest
package name wins" during depsolving. For example:

  libfoo  provides  libfoo.so.1   for %{_libdir}/libfoo.so.1
  bar     provides  libfoo.so.1   for %{_libdir}/bar/plugins/libfoo.so.1.0.0

Only for libfoo the automatic "Provides: libfoo.so.1" is sane. And even if
"bar" extended the ld.so configuration, it would conflict with libfoo in
what it provides.

I've reported a few such cases. All the others look like packages provide
sonames for plugin libraries without actually conflicting with any library
package in the Fedora Collection. Still it's dangerous if multiple packages
provide "libfoo.so" (versioned or not), but neither one puts the library
into run-time linker's search path. Sooner or later such dependencies
might explode at run-time.

Reviewers ought to examine "Provides" carefully and require packagers to
filter the Provides if necessary.

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