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Fedora derivatives branding discussion

Howdy folks,

The Fedora board needs help with a policy decision.

As Fedora evolves, we'll be seeing more and more custom distributions that are spun from the Fedora Universe of packages. Kadischi-based Live CDs are a good example. We'd like to be able to allow these distributions to use the Fedora name -- and we've got tentative buy-in from legal to do it -- so long as the distros are built entirely from Fedora (Core+Extras) packages.

So.  How should the Fedora brand be used in such cases?

Let's say, for example, that Rex Dieter builds a minimal Fedora distro
that has KDE and no GNOME -- and he wants to call it "KDExcellent".  He
also wants people to know that it's derived from official Fedora packages.
Should we let him call it:

    + Fedora KDExcellent?
    + KDExcellent, based on Fedora?
    + KDExcellent, a Fedora distribution?

Whatever policy we come up with now, we'll be stuck with for quite a
while -- so we could use some help.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


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