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Re: Fedora Repos on DVD

O/H Karlie Robinson έγραψε:
> I haven't gotten much feed back from the Fedora Community on ways to
> boost capacity (even just keep up with..) Free Media.

First of all, a big 'bravo' for all those who have helped the Free Media project
so far. I belive these new, mostly off-broadband users who have received a free
media have probably spread the word about Fedora more than many others who
simply downloaded it.

I've met some ambassadors who would be very interested in helping out, but found
the whole FreeMedia project a bit complicated for them to participate. They
prefer localized efforts, which sounds rational. They'd prefer if they received
an email for each request in their language isntead of the web form. Also, I
believe that eg. a greek user would prefer requesting a media from his local
group of ambassadors instead of our (english) website.

I haven't studied in depth the current approach for sending media, however I'll
jump straight to a suggestion. Probably some of the parts following are already
happening. It's better than keep it in one's mind I guess, so the following is
my 2 cents to the Free media program.

 1. Let's find a way to have *translatable* web page with information for which
countries we could send media to, and which members of the community can handle
the requests. Probably a Google map? "Find your closest Fedora shop!" This
shouldn't be on the wiki.

 2. How very easy-to-understand, minimal-content pages on "How to request".
Should be as easy as: "Fill in this form, choose the closest *person* to you
from the following list".

 3. Have a very easy-to-understand page on how to become a volunteer. Should be
as easy as "Fill in this form. Say how many requests you expect from your
country/region. Say how many CDs per week you can send."

 4. Send this person a package with X CDs inside, envelopes, some money to buy
stamps and a poster or hat as a "thanks". He will buy stamps from his local post
office, and for each request, put a CD in an envelope, stick a stamp, write an
address, and slip it in the mailbox.

 5. Have him register on a wiki page where he sent the CDs and how many stamps
he put on the envelope.

In the question "who will code the website?", the answer could be "with clear
enough specs, we can put a request to fedora-websites and someone could jump
right in. Besides, we are on coding spree in coding new applications lately. :-)

My $.02


Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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