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Re: Single sourced summary (was Re: Beta Release Notes)

On Sat, 2008-03-08 at 14:47 -0800, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-03-06 at 22:00 +0000, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 17:22 -0800, Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> > > What the SSS is not -- 
> ...
> > >         Stable:  expect it to change constantly; don't use it with an
> > >         Include() macro but copy/fork
> > 
> > This last item is where you lose me, but then again, I'm easily lost (as
> > anyone who's ridden in my car knows).  One of the goals of a SSS -- I
> > thought -- was to allow us to include the content elsewhere multiple
> > times, and not have to repeatedly check multiple pages to see that
> > they'd all been changed uniformly.  This was a big problem in the last
> > Release Notes cycle where a contributor made a change to one source
> > document, and I (as one of the release notes editors) had to carry that
> > change, and fix the resulting translation POT material, in several
> > documents.
> Maybe I was a bit overboard with that description.  Maybe it's more
> that, unlike other parts that we Include(), this one is apt to change
> during the release cycle.  Don't stick it in and forget to occasionally
> re-read -- to make sure your lead-in makes sense, the formatting is
> sane, that it doesn't now have information that you covered in another
> part of the page that uses the Include() macro, etc.
> So instead:
> The SSS is not:
>         Overly stable:  expect it to change throughout the release
>         cycle, so if you Include() it, make sure to check that the
>         meaning/format still works where you included it.
> ???

That makes more sense to me, FWIW.

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