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Re: Meeting status tomorrow: unsure.

> However, I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of wasting people's time.
> Here's the thing, and it pains me to admit it: I'm not sure where we are,
> exactly.  I've had a good bit less official job time to devote to this
> effort lately, and our current status is a bit of a mystery to me.

Agreed it all seems a bit mish-mash.

> * We've got lots of packages queued up for acceptance into F-11, and
> SMParrish has been reviewing new stuff like mad.  Yay!

Is there a tracker or have they been added to the existing OLPC in
Fedora tracker bug. Makes it easier to see what the current status is.

> * Marco tracked down the weird boot issues with rawhide and the XO, and
> those should now be fixed.  Yay!

Wicked! This is good work. Now i have a XO next on my list is booting
rawhide on SD.

> * People are tackling individual issues as they find them.  Yay!
> All of this is great.  However:
> * It's still unclear to me which packages in dist-olpc4 are building because
> they have to build, and which have simply not been untagged;
> * It's still unclear to me which necessary packages are still sitting in
> joyride and have yet to be brought into rawhide;
> * The process for keeping track of all of this is currently in poor shape,
> which is, admittedly, my fault.

The (your) page on the wiki is pretty close to my understanding, See
the email I sent you earlier, and the thread I started about moving
joyride to rawhide.

> So I'd like to step back and ask a question.
> Since the goal is to create a bootable build of F-11 on the XO -- how is
> that process going?  I know there have been discussions; where are we, right
> now, with this process?

Well if the boot issues on XO on rawhide are fixed it seems we're
there in the basics. The question of using a base F-11 in replacement
of 9.1.0 as far as I'm aware comes down to the question of rainbow and
the associated changes to the boot process
(kernel/initscript/olpcrd/upstart/dbus) which unfortunately is down to
a few people that have sufficient understanding to be able to deal
with that.

> I'm wondering if it might not be the best idea, at this point, to go ahead
> and start working backwards from rawhide, and see what's busted, and start
> tracking that in bugzilla.

>From my point of view that's sort of what I'm trying to do. I know I
can't deal with the whole rainbow/kernel stuff but where possible I'm
tracking/filing bugs testing etc. Compared to where we were at with
the rebase to F-10 when I first started to get involved I think we're
alot better off than we were.


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