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Re: Call for testing with dual-boot scenarios (or more accurately, call for information)

Dear Jeremy,

This is not FC2  bug but
very  difficult and importanty problem for all dual system users with 
'Not-Install' CDRW's.  

It seems that in such a case there is no possibility  to install FC2.
For example, I am using P4 1GB DDR RAM, 3 HD: 40+40+80 GB,
the first is for Win XP vfat, second and third for redhat-9 ext3,
there is TEAC CD-RW ATAPI/IDE drive and
Intel bios: PT84510A.86.A0012.P01.
The system don't boot from CDROM,

Until noe  I was installing by  bootdisk.img.
I hope that in the final release of FC2 
users with 'no-install' CD-RW can update to new FC2,
if not, I hope that you suggest how to make my system
That would help my graduate students, too,
some of them are using PC with 'no-install' CD-RW.
Best regards
Jonas Mockus 

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> Could people who have experienced difficulty with dual-booting between
> their FC2 test2 installs and a Windows install of some sort get as much
> as possible of the following information for me?  
> If you could add the information to bug 116653, that'll be the most
> helpful for tracking purposes, although mailing it here won't hurt as
> well.
> 1) The geometry as reported by parted (if you can get from an old FC1
> install and an FC2, that would really rule)
> 2) modprobe edd and then get the values from all of the files in
> /sys/firmware/edd/int13_dev80
> 3) The output of 'geometry (hd0)' from a grub prompt in a running 2.6
> kernel
> 4) The output of 'geometry (hd0)' from a grub prompt when booting from
> the BIOS
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

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