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Re: Abit RAID 0 not recognized

On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 11:46:44PM +0000, Rio Baan wrote:
> If there was some way of just getting the install to ignore this kind of 
> onboard RAID, we'd all be better off.

There is. You just use the standard Linux kernel drivers. The problem with
some of these windows raid systems is that they have terribly top secret
ultra hush hush disk layouts for their BIOS implemented software raid.

Most of them do this because
	a)	They can then charge vendors extra for "raid 5" 
	b)	They want it to be hard to change vendors raid 

I don't think it matters which distro you try you'll end up in similar
states. Thankfully the more enlightened ones seem to be beginning to
get the idea.

When you want to split such an array between Linux and Windows it ends up
a complete PITA. Linux has a raid layout, windows drivers have a seperate
secret raid layout and mixing doesn;t work.


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