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Re: ARRGH! Metacity is killing me.

On Sat, 1 May 2004, Matthew Miller wrote:

> Hmmmm. Under RHL 9, with a rebuilt basically-stock Window Maker,
> there was no problem with this.

Hmm.. I dont remember. If it worked fine with GNOME 2.2 (RHL9 was 2.2
wasn't it?), then it must have been GNOME 2.4 which changed things.  
Certainly, with GNOME 2.4, the gnome-panel desktop switcher and
window list no longer function with WindowMaker as WM. Indeed,
probably most other WMs other than metacity and sawfish.

I dont follow GNOME development, and i'm sure there must be good 
reasons for changing things, but from a user POV, the lack of 
backwards compatibility for something as basic as this is a wee bit 
> (appears to be rpms/RPMS, by the way.)

Ah, oops, yes:


It's a slow link btw. Also, I believe current WindowMaker CVS has the 
needed changes now.

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