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Re: Adding packages via yum

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 09:05, Wayne Steenburg wrote:
> I'm probably just misreading your message, but only use ONE baseurl= 
> per server section. List other urls on the following line(s).
> >From $man yum.conf
> baseurl
> 	must be a url to the directory where the yum repository’s 	’headers’
> directory lives.  Can be an http://, ftp:// or 	file://url.  You can
> specify multiple urls in one baseurl 	statement. The best way to do this
> is like this:
>               [serverid]
>               name=Some name for this server
>               baseurl=url://server1/path/to/repository/
>                       url://server2/path/to/repository/
>                       url://server3/path/to/repository/
>         If you list more than one baseurl= statement in a repository you
>         will  find  yum  will  ignore  the earlier ones and probably act
>         bizarrely. Don’t do this, you’ve been warned.

Well, I've been using the yum.conf I've posted earlier in the thread,
and I'm still getting 'retrygrab() failed for:' messages on all my
mirrors.  Someone have a yum.conf that's working for them that I could



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