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Re: Desktop switching tool problem

David Collantes wrote:
On 5/1/2004 10:30 AM, Gerry Tool wrote:

I just did a clean install of Test 3, all went well except in this version, I can't get the desktop switching tool from the main menu to work. It just goes off into the weeds and doesn't run. When I run /user/share/switchdesk/switchdesk-gui.py, it says there is a syntax problem in line 36. I ran /user/share/applications/switchdesk and, of course, it runs switchdesk-gui.py with the same error. Any ideas?


Anyone knows where to get switchdesk-4.0.3-1? That bugzilla entry talks about it being fixed on that one (4.0.3-1), but I have not been able to find the package and up2date or yum do not see and update for 4.0.2-1, which is what I have now. TIA!


You can get switchdesk-gui-4.0.3-1 and switchdesk-4.0.3-1 from


Gerry Tool

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