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centrino wifi support


I just know that this is going to be a potential minefield, so let me reassure everyone that this is meant with the best of intentions.

Like many people, I've got a centrino based laptop and I want to use wifi when I've got it booted as a Linux device. Although Intel has
started to support an open source driver for the centrino wifi, this is still not as mature as the ndiswrapper driver (in fact, I can't
use it at all as I need ad-hoc mode). Unfortunately,
the latter driver can't handle the new 4k stack pages that 2.6 is moving to and that have already been removed form the Fedora
test distribution.

I don't know whether this problem with 4k stacks is to do with the ndiswrapper itself, or the windows drivers that it's encapsulating.
I had a similar problem with Nvidia's nvidia driver that I eventually got around by using the xorg nv driver and futzing with the default
install (which only gives a 640x480 screen, which is too small to handle the UI - you lose many of the buttons on applications).

I know that 2.6.6 is planned to only support 4k stacks when it's released. However, lack of wifi in particular reduces the testing that
I can do on the rest of FC2 and will slow down deployment of FC2 if it's released on 2.6.6. (it's unclear to me whether the kernel and fc2
roadmaps make this likely or not.)

I don't see what 2.6.6 support in FC2 buys me, but it's pretty clear what I'll lose, in the near term at least.


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