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Re: FC2T3 on emachines 6805 laptop

On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 10:20, Kedar Patankar wrote:
> Hi,
> Just downloaded and installed FC2T3 x86_64 on my emachines 6805 laptop.
> The install went through almost w/o a hitch. After the reboot, it tried
> to start up the PCMCIA services and locked up. I then went into single
> user mode and killed the S24pcmcia. Haven't had any time to figure out
> why the PCMCIA locked up the machine.
> Another problem is that it doesn't recognize the ATI mobility radeon
> 9600. X runs in VESA mode and can only do 1024x768. I haven't tried out
> anything else yet. Any clues about how to make the X recognize radeon
> 9600 and atleast do 2D and 1280x800??
> Regards/Kedar.

See my homepage: http://www.ckloiber.com 

Basically disable PCMCIA and Kudzu services, and add boot options
pci=noacpi,usepirqmask then on a wired network download my custom kernel
and install it. Then re-enable PCMCIA (leave kudzu off, it explodes
violently) and reboot. Keep the new kernel boot options.
PCMCIA will work, even with a PCMCIA wireless card in it. The Broadcom
54G card is useless.

As for the video, run system-config-display and choose the Radeon 9600
from the list of cards. Select the Generic LCD at 1024x768. Then hand
edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf (and remove any XF86Config you may find)
Comment out the HorizSync and VertRefresh lines (if they aren't already)
xorg will then just do the right thing.

Chris Kloiber

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