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Re: [Core2Test3] Hard disk installation

--- David Lerner <dsl zai com> wrote:
> Stefan Lecho <stlecho yahoo com> wrote:
> > After booting from the first installation CD and
> > selecting harddisk as installation source, the
> > following message is generated: "The Fedora Core
> > installation tree in that directory does not seem
> to
> > match your boot media."
> > 
> > I've copied the downloaded iso images to a FAT32
> > partition and selected that as installation
> source.
> > How should the installation tree look like?
> > 
> The partition should contain the .iso files, not
> copies of the contents 
> of these files. The may be in a directory such as
> FC2-test3-binary-i386.
> Sorry if my earlier post suggested otherwise.

My partition contains the 4 .iso files and not the
content of these files. The 4 files are in the root
directory of the partition. Is the
'FC2-test3-binary-i386' directory necessarry?

> I tried this with an ext2 partition where I had
> originally downloaded 
> the images. The loader paused for about 7 seconds
> before continuing with 
> the install.

My partition is a FAT32 partition, this allows me to
copy the downloaded .iso files to that partition. But
I suppose that Fedora is capable of reading data from
a FAT32 partition.

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