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RE: header/RPM mismatch

>> Whats wrong, is that for some reason (that I do not
>> understand) this morning I had the various apps reporting the
>> following various needs:
>> package           rhn        up2date      yum
>> -------------------------------------------------
>> perl-XML-Twig     need it    need it      need it
>> perl-Net-DNS      need it                 need it
>> gaim                                      need it
>> rpmdb-fedora                              need it
>> I'd have to think that if they were all using the same info,
>> they'd be reporting the same thing.   Wouldn't they?
>> The fact that three different apps are reporting three
>> different 'apparent' states of my system is disconcerting.
>> Thats why I don't know who to believe.
>> And yes, I know that rpm -q tells what I've got But this
>> discussion thread revolves around:
>> 'which of these packages _really_ need updating'?
>> (Not a yum/up2date/apt-get/etc flame war.)
>This really looks to me like yum is looking at more repositories than
>up2date is.

Unfortunately, they are both configured the same way...
and that is as delivered on the CD and updates.

>I don't really understand why you have rhn listed as a client
>here, as that is what up2date is.

I use 'rhn' to refer to the 'rhn-applet' on the task bars.
Because it is a different application than 'up2date'.

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