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Re: nVidia and ATi drivers in Fedora 2

Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> Josep Puigdemont wrote:
> > I don't think this is true, as I have kernel 2.6.5 here with nvidia
> > binary drivers correctly installed and working.
> How did you do it? I'm sure lots of us here, myself included, would be
> interested in knowing. Did you re-compile the kernel? A step-by-step
> list would be great. My GeForce 5600 and I would both thank you.

The 2.6.5 kernel works fine with the NVidia drivers.  The FC2 kernel
enables a more recent "4k stacks" patch (present but optional in the
2.6.6 current release candidate) with which they do not work.

This procedure works for me:

+ Grab and unpack a 2.6.5 kernel into /usr/src

+ Copy the kernel config file (you can get it in either the
  kernel-source package or the kernel SRPM) that corresponds to your
  cpu/smp configuration to /usr/src/.config

+ "make oldconfig", answer one or two questions regarding drivers not
  present in the FC2 kernels.

+ "make && make install && make modules_install"

+ Reboot.

+ Run the NVidia installer.


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